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September 1st, 2017

3 Ways We’re Getting Green in Cali

Travel Tips

Sometimes, going green can feel like a big deal. It is the planet we’re talking about after all. 

But when it comes 2 creating a healthier planet, it’s often the little steps that matter the most. 

It’s great if you have an electric car and solar panels all over the place. But even if you can’t make big steps now, a little effort can go a long way. 

We know it can be especially hard to create green habits while traveling. So, we’re here to help you save the world one step at a time.  

Here are three ways we’re helping you get green

Green Water

Not literally … that would be a health hazard. What we mean is — every guest gets a reusable water bottle. It’s part of our Urban Bundle. And we have filling stations throughout the hotel, so you won’t have to buy water. And this whole “green water” thing goes beyond the water bottles. We also manage our laundry and housekeeping services in ways that conserve water and optimize its use. 

Green Food

Kinda literally, depends if you order vegetables. But seriously, one way we try to promote sustainable living is by sourcing local ingredients for our onsite dining options. That way, less fuel is used is used in transport … plus we support the local economy. 

Green Trees

Yes, literally. We’re saving trees by being a paperless hotel. At SCH, you even get your checkout papers by email. Plus, you can help keep the air clean while you’re here by borrowing one of our bikes! It’s a great way 2 explore the city. Enjoy the fresh air as you cruise the SF streets on one of our specialty Marin bicycles. 


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