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September 12th, 2017

3 Reasons to Drop What You’re Doing and Get to SF Right Now

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So, what are you up to? 

Stuck in a cubicle? Staring at a computer screen? Errands? Netflix binging to drown your summer-is-over sorrows?


We know the feeling. 

But there’s something else we know. We know lots of people come to San Francisco at the peak of summer. And that’s great!

But we’ll tell you a secret.

(Whispering) One of the best, most beautiful times to visit San Francisco is…

… right now.

“Get outta here!,” you reply. “Summer’s gone! GONE! Leave me and Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy alone!”

Hey now, pull yourself together.

It really is one of the the best times to visit. Even for a day or two … or for the rest of your life. 

Here’s why.

You Can Enjoy Great SF Weather

We may be past the peak of summer but, as all the locals know, we’re entering a SF-weather sweet spot. It's about to be one of the most gorgeous times to be in San Francisco. Less fog. More sun. Great temps. Everybody wants to know why you’re not here yet. See you soon.

You Can Pack Light

When you travel, the little things can add up to a lot of weight. Bulk. More baggage. More fees. Less agility. Less fun. 

Well, we’re having none of that. 

Stay with us and we’ll take care of the little things. Use our iPads and computers. Enjoy a complimentary, reusable water bottle. We’ve got filling stations all over the place, so you’re always refreshed and never throwing a plastic bottle in the trash. 

You don’t even need to rent a car. Use one of our bikes to explore the city in some of the best weather SF has to offer. 

You Can Roam Free

Now that you’re savvy to the SF secret, when you get here you’ll notice yet another advantage to visiting at this time of year — less tourists. They didn’t know. But now you do. This is one of best times to visit San Francisco.


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