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July 4th, 2022

The Wild Side of SF: Exploring Lands End

Fitness & Wellness

Wellness and balance are fundamental aspects of life in San Francisco. While the bustling city is invigorating, everyone needs to retreat and unplug every now and then. Next time you feel nature calling, explore the incredible trails at Lands End.

Lands End History

As the name suggests, this trail is reminiscent of the end of the world - a rocky and wild place, waiting to be unearthed. The trail is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and offers a respite from the city while highlighting the area’s history. And what a history! Lands End is famous for many shipwrecks that have occurred as a result of the rocky shores, fog and treacherous tides.  

Top Sights

If it’s your first time at Lands End, your first stop should be Lands End Lookout, a visitor’s center showcasing exhibits on the area’s history and geography.

The ruins of Sutro Baths will be the first stop on your exploration. The Sutro Baths were constructed by millionaire Adolph Sutro as a public bathhouse that sought to educate visitors on the area’s nature while offering inexpensive swimming facilities.

Lands End Labyrinth is located off the Mile Rock Beach side trail. It was created in 2004 by Eduardo Aguilar who envisioned a zen-like space offering a relaxing walk.

All About the Trail

Lands End may seem deceptively small on a map, but on closer inspection you may be surprised to find an intricate network of trails perfect for trail running, biking and even exploring with your dog (on a leash)!

Before heading out, keep in mind that Lands End is known as a wild trail for a reason. Some sections are best suited for hybrid bikes and comfortable shoes, while others require mountain bikes or trail shoes and hiking boots with decent grip — especially after rainy days. However, the section between the Lands End Overlook parking lot and the Mile Rock Overlook is ADA accessible. Check out the Lands End trail map to plan a trip that suits your needs.  

SF’s Coastal Trail crosses Lands End from end to end, offering unparalleled views of Golden Gate Bridge and connecting the trail’s highlights. It is an easy to moderate trail given that some sections are wide and flat, while others climb moderately steep hills, traverse woods and take you through narrow routes with steep drop-offs and cliff edges.  

To Get There

  • Walk - okay, few will  do it, but it is a relatively easy and flat six mile walk from Stanford Court. Simply head West on Geary and you'll make it in just two hours or so. 
  • Drive - It's a pretty quick drive from Stanford Court to Land's End - Get to Geary and head West for 6 miles (25 minutes).
  • Bus - Walk down Powell to Geary and take the 38R all the way to 46th Ave. (33 minutes) It'll be a 3 minute walk to Land's End.


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