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April 14th, 2017

The Most Instagrammable Eats in SF Right Now

Stanford Court News

Many residents of the City by the Bay fall into two categories - techie or foodie - and often both. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to find us dining with our smart phones in hand and stopping our partners mid-bite so we can get the perfect shot for our Instagram feed. After all, this is San Francisco and the local dining scene was designed with the Instagram canvas in mind. That said, here are the most instagrammable spots in SF right now:

Tartine Manufactory

Those laterns! Those sandwiches! That light! Where we begin? Tartine Manufactory garners some serious Instagram-worthy points, not just in their food, but in their decor, too. With piles of fresh baked bread, sandwiches overflowing with ingredients, each complemented with the perfect natural light by day, and warm, incandescent by night from those lanterns we love so much, there’s not a bad shot at this cafe/bakery.

Garden Creamery

With pink scoops, purple scoops, gray scoops and even green scoops, Garden Creamery offers some of the most diverse colors you’ll find in ice cream anywhere. That said it's no surprise that this food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar-establishment has won over our Instagram feeds without much effort. Add that to their instagram-famous chimney cone (aka the Hungarian pastry KürtÅ‘skalác) and you’ve got one of the most popular Instagram spots in SF.

Boba Guys

The Boba Guys have been popping up all over SF and all over Instagram for their “next level quality” bubble teas. Made with fresh tea, fresh fruit, and fresh milk, these colorful concoctions not only show up well on screens, but all over San Francisco too. Do like the locals do and Instagram your bubble tea in front of your favorite SF view. We take ours in front of Stanford Court. After all, the background is key.

Lazy Bear

If there is a food heaven, Lazy Bear would have to be it. Billed as the “Modern American Dinner Party” this pop-up style restaurant always has something new - and uh-ma-zing - on the menu. Lazy Bear’s presentation alone just begs to be uploaded to Instagram, not to mention their remarkable attention to detail and the exquisite concoctions that they come up with. Try not to instagram the entire night. Would you, please?


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