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May 4th, 2017

The Local Brews You Need to Try in SF

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Anchor Brewing

The mother of all SF breweries, Anchor Brewing was brewing before the other breweries were born. Chances are you’ve come across one of Anchor Brewing’s beers before - most likely Anchor Steam, the brewery’s flagship beer. Named after its unique cooling process, Anchor Steam refers to the open fermentation process in which beer would cool down on the brewery rooftop in the cool SF nights. That said, a visit to this brewery doesn’t just ensure you delicious beer, it’s a SF history lesson too.



A #LocalFavorite, Cellarmaker ranks high in our San Francisco hearts. And with its constant references to rock’n’roll legends, this brewery also speaks to our souls. Here you’ll want to try Cellarmaker’s signature brew - Coffee & Cigarettes. It’s all the rage. One sip and you’ll be addicted, just like the rest of us Bay dwellers.  But don’t stop at the porter. Cellarmaker also specializes in IPAs.


Magnolia Brewing

Another San Francisco icon in the brewing scene, Magnolia Brewing has been around the block a few times. But not just on any block - on the historic Haight Street, home to the hippie movement during the Summer of Love (it’s the 50th anniversary, btw). Yet even before that, the building had history, aka it was everything from a pharmacy to a brothel. And since 1997, it’s making its own history in the local beer scene. Try the Kalifornia Kolsch and you’ll be smooth sailing. 


Pacific Brewing Laboratory

Started by a couple of engineers, Pacific Brewing Lab is the perfect place to try out new beers. Here you can find some crazy concoctions like the Squid Ink IBA, which is a twist on the traditional IPA, and Nautilus, which is a [pink] Hibiscus Saison - a little tart, but still light and refreshing. However, the best thing about Pacific Brewing Lab is that the owners are always whipping up something new. Be sure to try their latest experiment. 


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