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June 1st, 2018

Profiles in Innovation: Margaret Cho


Stanford Court Hotel’s namesake, Leland Stanford, is a significant force that helped to shape today’s San Francisco.

The same Stanford of Stanford University; two-time Calif. Governor and state senator; president of the Southern Pacific Railroad, tycoon, industrialist, robber baron, landowner, and one of the minds behind motion picture, Mr. Stanford is an example of a visionary risk taker who dared to dream big in a city that nurtures innovation. 

As part of our nod to innovation, design, technology, and mavericks spirit in a city that’s fertile for such growth, we want to recognize San Francisco innovators -- movers and shakers who take a chance on new ideas. Today, that person is SF native Margaret Cho.

Margaret Cho is a comedian, author, actress, fashion designer and jack of all trades who has paved the way for Asian Americans, queer folk, and outcasts since the 1990s.

Her 1995 sitcom, “All-American Girl” was unique for its time, focusing on a Korean-American family dealing with a broad range of issues that were relatable to all families living in America. Cho’s representation of a rebellious Korean-American teenager that often battled her parent’s traditions was unchartered territory in the world of ’90s sitcoms.

After dealing with personal problems caused by the show, Cho came back to the world of stand-up to explore such topics. While more commonplace today, it wasn’t so often that comedians (especially female comedians) discuss such taboo subjects in their routines. Her 2000 standup routine, I’m the One That I Want, has been praised by critics and comedians for taking risks and discussing subjects that remain off-limits and unmentionable for many.

Cho similarly navigated these subjects with clarity in her published works, discussing LGBT issues, global politics, and human rights with reckless abandon. 

Born and raised in San Francisco, Margaret Cho occasionally returns to perform stand-up. One of her favorite restaurants happens to be The Big 4 Restaurant in Nob Hill, right near Grace Cathedral. A NBC story on the comedian features her favorite restaurants in the area, from Korean food to breakfast joints. Read more here.

After ventures in music, fashion, the sex toy industry, and belly dancing gear, Cho resides in Georgia and continues to do what she does best: ruffle feathers and address uncomfortable issues. The world has certainly changed since she stepped into the spotlight in the 1990s. Check out what she’s up to and touring information on her website.

Also, comedy fans -- mark your calendar for Colossal Clusterfest in the Bay Area on June 1-3! Comedy Central teams up with Superfly to bring big names in comedy to San Francisco. More info here.


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