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September 14th, 2015

Packing Tips for Your San Francisco Trip!

Travel Tips

Most people think that packing for a trip is super stress-inducing because it is time consuming and challenging to pack appropriately. I agree, sometimes it is just a pain trying to figure out what you’ll need. Traveling to our wonderful #citybythebay can add even more stress because the weather has the whole “element of surprise” thing down pat. Luckily, I am here to help you make informed packing decisions so that your suitcase contents are sleek, efficient, and versatile– just like The Stanford Court experience.


You’ll want to pack:


Workout attire. SF does athleisure wear really well. You will see everyone in running shorts and yoga pants pre- and post-workout. Plus, you will want to take advantage of our fitness center and super steep hills.


Sunglasses, scarf, and a vest. You walk into a meeting and the sun is out. You come out an hour later and it is foggy, drizzling, or super windy. Consider these items your tools in the effort to beat the elements.


Anything blue and yellow. Steph Curry and the Warriors are on fire right now and you will want to be a part of the electric Dub Nation. Walking down the street you will see everyone in their Warriors gear beaming with pride.


You can leave at home:


The desire to bring your entire office: It seems like whenever I travel I lose my phone charger or can’t find a place to print out my boarding pass. We at The Stanford Court are so tech-friendly that our lobby and business center come equipped with seven MacBooks, iPads and iPad minis all running on our high-speed WiFi.


Quarters for laundry. We offer same day laundry and dry cleaning so you can look sharp for meetings, city nights, and San Francisco adventures. No more digging for quarters or searching for laundromats!



Check our special offers here! We look forward to welcoming you to our great city! Contact us if you have any questions about your stay. Follow @stanfordcourtsf on Instagram and Twitter for activities, local spots, and SF happenings.

Happy Travels!



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