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June 6th, 2017

SCH #ProTips for Parking in SF

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Parking in SF is no easy task. Whether it’s grabbing a spot that isn’t restricted, avoiding a ticket or just finding an empty space, it’s no secret that parking in the City by the Bay is tough. You either spend your precious time searching for the perfect spot or hundreds of dollars in fines for parking in the wrong spot. That said, we here at SCH are here to give you the local insight on how to avoid the parking mess in SF - and enjoy your vacation parking ticket-free. 


Learn how to park on a hill

There is an art to parking on a hill. And in SF, you need to learn it. There are a ton of hills (Nob Hill is just one area). And these aren’t any baby hills. That said, here’s the trick. If you’re parking on the curb and facing downhill, turn your wheels toward the curb, and if you’re parking uphill, turn your wheels away from the curb. Easy as pie.


Always, Always, Always Park within the Lines

San Francisco is notorious for its parking tickets. So even if you’re not even an inch over the driveway opening, or just a tiny bit inside a no-parking zone, you can expect a ticket. The rules apply within 100 feet of the sign, so get to walking and check for any restrictions in both directions. SF parking enforcement is on top of that. So you need to be too. 


Look for Spots after Business Hours

Closed businesses are your SF parking best friends, especially if the curb is painted white. This means it’s a passenger zone, and unless it says it’s a “24 hour passenger zone,” chances are you can park there. You also might have some luck with yellow zones as well, as many end after 11 a.m. And finally, a good rule of thumb - never park in the red. Just don’t.


Take Advantage of the SCH Parking Packages

Or you could just forgo all the other #protips and take our best #protip of all - let SCH park your car. As part of our Parking Package and Advanced Rate Parking Package, we’ll valet your car for free. So let us handle it, while you explore the City by the Bay on its amazing public transportation system. 


BTW - it’s the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, and we’re running some great specials at Stanford Court Hotel, from April 8 - August 20.


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