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October 7th, 2015

San Francisco Murals!

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Good Morning everyone! STAN here!


San Francisco is a melting pot of cultures and you can see it throughout the city. From the Mission District to Russian Hill, walls are covered with a variety of cultural, social, and political images. This community takes pride in being able to express themselves through art. I can say with full confidence we have some of the most talented artists.


The best way to view these pieces is truly by foot or biking. There are over 600 local murals so they are pretty hard to miss! Here are some murals you can check, but the best part of finding them is when you least expect them.


Though we believe the best way to find a mural is to stumble upon it, we’ve put together a guide to get you started:


Precita Eyes Mural Arts: This is a  great place to start and it’s just a half a block from Balmy Alley, which has over 30 murals itself.


Potero St and Valencia- Here’s another great spot to check out becuase most of these murals reflect the residents that live in this area. There’s about 80 murals in this spot!


24th and 25th street- This alley is known as  the political alley and the murals here were largely made in the 70s.


Clarion Alley – If you’re looking for a contemporary style mural then this is your alley. This is probably one of the most photographed allies in San Francisco.


Coit Tower-Here’s an oldie, but goodie! Here you’ll be able to check out great pieces from the 30s featuring themes of education, agriculture, urban and rural life after World War II.


Chinatown: Minutes away from our hotel you’ll be able to walk the streets and murals of Chinatown and just as many murals. Their inspiration comes from political suffering to religious inspiration.


Regardless, wherever you end up in San Francisco you will find loads of murals that are picture worthy and they’ve always got a great story behind them.


Share your favorite finds with us on our social pages.


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