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December 14th, 2018

Organic Products to Look and Feel Good

Fitness & Wellness

Chemical-free. Eco-friendly. Fair trade. Sustainable. If these are the conditions any product you purchase must abide by, then you’re in the right place! Stanford Court shares these values, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite brands and local boutiques that respect these principles without sacrificing quality or style.

Sustainable Brands That Will Change Your Life

Juice Beauty
An award-winning brand of organic skincare and makeup products, Juice Beauty takes sustainability to a whole new level. They source ingredients from West Coast producers powered by solar and wind energy and produce eco-friendly containers.

Earth Tu Face
A skin care line created by two herbalists who firmly believe in using only 100% natural and organic products… And their ingredients are grown right in their own garden.

A 100% American online retailer specializing in indie and vintage clothing. Their fashion is completely inclusive and designed with very unique touches.

Brilliant Earth
A jewel is never as beautiful as when you are certain it comes from conflict-free zones. Brilliant Earth combines ethical practices with stunning and elegant jewelry.

Less is more has never looked better. Cuyana inspires its customers to buy high-quality and timeless clothes. They design for the woman who loves simple functionality as well as fewer and better pieces.

various-organic-tshirts-hanging-at-a-boutiqueLocal Boutiques We Love

Birdies Slippers
An independent brand founded by two women who believed that style and comfort aren’t sworn enemies. Birdies Slippers are the result of combining the support of a sneaker, the comfort of slippers and the style of designer flats.

Warby Parker
Gone are the days when wearing glasses was synonymous of boring. Warby Parker specializes in unique eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. Their styles range from clean and classic to quirky and colorful.

Amour Vert
For those who love everything eco-friendly and sustainable, Amour Vert is the perfect clothing store. They build minimalist and versatile pieces with low environmental impact. In an effort to encourage less waste created by seasonal closets, they focus on creating timeless pieces to suit every lifestyle.

Credo Beauty
Clean beauty is more important than ever. With an ever-growing emphasis on safe and chemical-free products, Credo Beauty has created a comprehensive line of natural and cruelty free beauty products, for men and women.

Give Back: Highgate Charitable Foundation

This time of year is a period of reflection on the many opportunities that we have. In the spirit of making an impact on hospitality as well as the greater global community, Highgate founded Highgate Charitable Foundation (HCF). HCF works as an umbrella organization that fundraises and distributes funds to a variety of causes.

If you want to be part of HCF, from now until January 11, 2019, guests will have the option to add a $10 donation when booking their rooms at Stanford Court. Donations will also be collected at the front desk!


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