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April 14th, 2022

#LocalTips 4 Surviving Bay to Breakers

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Photo by David Goehring

The annual race Bay to Breakers is one of the best excuses to wake up early. It’s also one of SF’s best parties. That’s not to say there aren’t the hardcore runners that are serious about making this 12K race from The Embarcadero to the Great Highway, because there are. But #JustSayin - Expect to see lots of costumes and even some birthday suits. It’s SF’s big, crazy, and downright quirky party in which the City by the Bay lets loose. So if you get caught in it during your stay in San Francisco this weekend, here’s how to survive:

Consult the Course Map

The course is the same each year, but if you’re not familiar with The Route (or the city) it’s a good idea to get familiar with the area, especially since there is always a lot of race overflow. Also, along this route is where you’ll find Bay to Breakers infamous house parties.

Take Public Transportation

Don’t even think about driving anywhere close to the course route. Taking public transportation is always a good idea. However with 50,000 registered runners each year - and who knows how many “bandits,” your best bet is staying close to the start (a.k.a. in a hotel within walking distance from The Embarcadero - hint, hint -  Stanford Court) and avoiding cars at all costs.

Bring Water & Sunscreen

Sure this is San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean the fog protects you from UVA. You can still easily get burned being out all day, and that’s exactly what happens when you’re having too much fun at Bay to Breakers. Don’t be that guy. And also, pack some water. Your parched throat will thank us after waking up from your nap in Golden Gate Park.

Be Prepared to Get Messy

No one said Bay to Breakers was pretty. You will get dirty. From the initial tortilla throwing at the start of the race, to the sweat, the spilt alcohol, the glitter, the silly string and who knows what else, we promise that you’ll at least look like you had the time of your life.


Bay to Breakers occurs every May at the corner of Main & Howard Streets. See you there.


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