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November 18th, 2022

#LikeALocal Featuring John Trudeau

Art & Culture

Each month Stanford Court features a local resident and share their favorite places to eat, drink, and hang out in San Francisco. In October we feature Stanford Court's Area Managing Director, John Trudeau.

#LikeALocal Insider: John Trudeau

Business/Organization: Highgate Hotels 

Title: Area Managing Director for several Highgate Hotels in San Francisco, including Stanford Court

Tell us about Stanford Court. Why should it be at the top of a San Francisco visitor’s list?
The staff, without a doubt, is the best in the City. They exemplify pride and professionalism and perform their duties at a very high level. They love what they do and it shows in how they treat their customers.

How long have you lived in the city?
Have been commuting in weekly since March of 2019 and grabbed a perfect Nob Hill pied-à-terre in April of 2022.

What do you love about San Francisco?
It provides everything you could possibly want literally within walking distance. The culture is unparalleled and the restaurants will blow your mind.

What makes Nob Hill special to you?
It’s the little things that you only notice when you live in the center of it all. The staff at Le Beau Market, the winds traveling up the hill over California Street, knockout food at Nourish Café, drinks at Zeki’s, the sound of Grace Cathedral’s bells mixed with the trolley bells, Karl covering everything in the morning only to be replaced by afternoon sun and the peaceful community feeling of Huntington Park.

What is something that locals know that visitors may not?
The garbage trucks pick up trash every day. Sometimes several times a day. You never see a trash can in Nob Hill in the afternoon.

If you were helping a first-time visitor to SF plan a trip, what are the top 3 things they MUST do/see/experience?
1 - Get up early in the morning to hike the hills up and down from East to West and finish with a bagel sandwich and coffee at Crostini and Java.
2 – Walk as many streets in China Town that you have time for but end at Capital by sitting at the counter and eating the chicken wings.
3 – Visit Bob’s Donuts after midnight and stand in line for the most delicious, warm donuts you’ll ever have.

What is a lesser-known attraction that should be on the list?
Ina Coolbrith Park tucked away in lower Nob Hill, is a flowery hilltop spot with gardens and balconies where you can find silence only broken by the wind.

What are your favorite three restaurants in the city and why?
This is impossible to answer as I have forgotten amazing experiences because there have been so many. So, I’m going to comment on dishes rather than places. Pearl’s nails the Deluxe Burger with Cheese every time. Nick’s Crispy Tacos has my all-time favorite grilled fish version when it’s made “Nick’s Way”. And the aforementioned hot wings from Capital in China Town are simply perfect.

If you could have dinner with four people of your choosing, who would they be?
Wife Deb, Son Sam, Son Jack, and Daughter Charlotte.

What are your favorite three bars/nightlife in the city and why?
I’m rarely awake after 10pm. Catching a sunrise is more my speed and every angle from the top of the hill is perfect.

Favorite destination to travel to (not in San Francisco)?
Going through Stockland Illinois in the middle of July and then finishing in West Lafayette Indiana by 9pm with a cold Old Style on the porch.

Your mixtape playlist would include…
Currently a 20-song compilation from Journey albums released between 1975 and 1980 using songs that never hit the radio that surprises most people at how good the music was and still is.


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