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December 8th, 2015

Our Favorite Apps!


Hey there, STAN here! San Francisco is one of the leaders in technology so it only seems fitting to talk about the tech world today. It’s Tech Tuesday after all. I am going to share with you some of my new favorite app finds!


Travel-TripIt I know sometimes the worst thing about traveling is attempting to stay organized. Whether it’s flight numbers, hotel confirmations or driving directions, there’s a lot to keep track of! The app will store all of your important travel information in one place. We especially like the weather predictions and the calendar of your daily activities that this app populates for you on the go.


FoodFood Tripping Honestly, the one thing I hate whenever I am on a road trip is to be forced to eat the same 5 fast food joints. Food Tripping is a easy way to find healthier options whenever you are on the road, wherever you are!

FinanceINVOICE2GO One of the tedious items for small business owners is keeping track of expenses, invoices. This handy app generates reports to track your outstanding accounts. It also can create estimates, purchase orders and so much more all in one place.

ProductivityFleksy Seriously, nothing is worse than auto-correct making assumptions whenever you type, setting you up for some pretty uncomfortable conversations when you’re texting. Don’t even pretend that hasn’t happened to you! Well, Fleksy creates a variety of keyboards and it’s powerful autocorrect has set records for typing speed worldwide.

ToolsOne Password From Amazon to Facebook, the number of accounts we have to login into increases by the day. To have to utter the words “I’ve been hacked” is the ultimate nightmare. We all know we should keep all of our passwords different and try to create to create strong passwords with different cases and characters, but it’s almost impossible to remember them all especially if you are not near your computer. This app will curate “strong” passwords for any account you add and you will only have to remember one.

What are your favorite apps?? I wanna hear about them. Until next time! -STAN


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