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October 23rd, 2017

Can the Golden State Warriors Do it Again?

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What’s the most intense pressure a professional athlete can feel? Bottom of the ninth, two outs, winning run on third, and the count is 3-2? Or maybe it’s simply the championship game — the Superbowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals.

Anyone of those answers could be right. But have you ever thought about what comes after? What happens after a team wins it all? Well, they move onto the next season. Only that the next season is something very different. It comes with a lot of baggage — mostly in the form of nearly insurmountable expectations.

But this is where legendary athletes are at their best … under pressure. The legends of every sport have the uncanny ability to endure, to perform, and to just keep getting better.

Here in SF, you have the opportunity to witness this firsthand at a Golden State Warriors game. Coming off a championship season, the Warriors will battle it out against more than their world-class opponents this season. They’ll also go head-to-head against the often-crippling weight of expectation. They overcame in 2015 and 2017. Can they do it again in 2018?

If you’re staying with us at Stanford Court and plan to see a game, here are some basics you’ll need to make the most of it.

Oracle Arena

It’s the oldest arena in the NBA, and people love it. That’s partially due to a $121 million dollar renovation in the 1990s that brought the seating capacity way up. And since the Warriors began dominating in 2013, the stadium has been considered the loudest in the NBA and has been dubbed the “roaracle.” #FunFact: The Grateful Dead played more concerts at this venue than any other — a total of 66. You can even take a tour. And the Warriors plan to move into their brand-new arena, the Chase Center, for the 2019-2020 season, right here in San Francisco.   

Getting There

To get to Oracle Arena in Oakland from Stanford Court takes about 40 minutes by car or 45 minutes by public transit.  



If you’re driving, then parking at the arena will cost you $30 and you can view a parking map if you want to strategize how to get in and out as quickly as possible.



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