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May 10th, 2022

The Best of Nob Hill

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Everybody knows that Nob Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco. From our perch above the city we are surrounded by some of the best San Francisco restaurants, best views in San Francisco, and some of the best things to do in San Francisco. Here is our list of the Best of Nob Hill and we encourage you to visit each of these spots the next time you visit San Francisco and our Nob Hill neighborhood.

Roxanne's Café
570 Powell St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

This cute corner restaurant serves breakfast all-day and serves some of the best omelets in San Francisco. You won't go home hungry.

Sons & Daughters
708 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

This modern, progressive restaurant features elevated and thoughtfully composed northern California cuisine and is a great date night spot. The tasting menu and associated wine pairing isn't cheap - but worth every penny!

Uncle Vito’s Pizza
700 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

Let's be real - we had you at pizza. But this isn't just any pizza. This neighborhood spot has been serving up cheesy goodness for more than 40 years. Our favorite – The Mountain.

Sushi Toni
733 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

There are dozens of great San Francisco sushi restaurants, but Sushi Toni is one of our favorites. And while their rolls and nigiri are delish, we love their combo dinners as well.

Nob Hill Café
1152 Taylor St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

Known for its authentic Tuscan cuisine and extensive wine list, Nob Hill Café is a neighborhood institution which can’t be missed. And great pizzas too. (Can you tell that we love pizza?)

City Chopsticks
883 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

San Francisco has more Chinese restaurants per square mile than any city outside Asia. OK, we made that up, but it's probably true. And of all the Chinese restaurants in the city, City Chopsticks is one of our favorites. Combination chow mein, please. 

809 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 3 blocks

Tater tots in a burrito? Kimchi burritos? OK, Tacorea certainly isn’t serving up traditional Mexican fare, but trust us, this place is fire!

Zeki's Bar
1319 California St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

Touted as San Francisco’s friendliest bar, Zeki’s is our top recommendation for visitors wanting to hang out where the locals are. And for you night owls, it's open nightly until 2am. 

The Coffee Movement
1030 Washington St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

Open from 7am-4pm daily, The Coffee Movement is our favorite area coffee shop. The shop is all about community and the celebration of that magical elixir of life – coffee.

Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop
1621 Polk St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 8 blocks

Bob’s is a San Francisco institution open 24 hours to satisfy your sugary needs any time you want. #InsiderTip – be sure to try an apple fritter (or three). Oh, and you should definitely take a swing at Bob's Donut Challenge

Ankeney Fine Foods
660 Powell St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 1 block

San Francisco is home to hundreds of convenience stores and markets, but our favorite is just a block away. Ankeney Fine Foods offers a wide selection of whatever you need including healthier options. And they also feature a top notch deli with the best tuna sandwich in San Francisco.  

Masonic Auditorium
1111 California St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 ½ blocks

Who knew that Nob Hill is home to one of the best music venues in San Francisco? Well, we did and now you do too. The Masonic Auditorium is one of the coolest LiveNation venues, featuring some of the best artists to visit San Francisco.

Huntington Park
California St. and Taylor St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

Huntington Park is a hidden gem in the middle of the Nob Hill neighborhood, just across the street from Grace Cathedral. The park offers a play area for children, the historic Flood Fountain, and is a great place to walk the dogs or to have a picnic.

Grace Cathedral
1100 California St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 2 blocks

This Episcopalian cathedral is an architectural wonder which was constructed in 1927. The cathedral offers self-guided walking tours and events throughout the year and is a top #selfiespot in Nob Hill.

Powell + California
Distance from Stanford Court: ½ block or 0 blocks from one of our Skyline Rooms

If you walk out the doors of the Stanford Court and head east to the corner of California and Powell, you will likely see someone (or many people) standing in the middle of the road taking a selfie. The view down California Street is epic, especially if you time it just right with a cable car approaching. But be careful when taking those selfies!

Hobnob Tours – Nob Hill
Distance from Stanford Court: Tour begins 1 block away and ends at the hotel

The Nob Hill neighborhood is a history buff’s dream. Originally home to The Big Four railroad tycoons’ mansions prior to the 1906 earthquake and fire, Nob Hill played a major role in San Francisco’s storied history. We highly recommend signing up (in advance) for a Nob Hill History tour to learn the secrets behind the Hill.

Cable Car Museum
1201 Mason St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

Cable cars go with San Francisco like peanut butter goes with jelly and a visit to Stanford Court isn’t complete without a visit to the Cable Car Museum. This is a working museum, meaning that you’ll see the actual cables which pull the cars in action and learn all about its fascinating history in San Francisco. (and it’s free!)

California Street Cannabis Company
1398 California St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 5 blocks

Did you know that there is no Room 420 at the Stanford Court? True story. But that doesn’t mean we can’t provide a stellar recommendation for this budding industry. Our fav in the neighborhood is just 5 blocks away at the California Street Cannabis Company. You should definitely have some high expectations and trust us, they aren’t half baked.

Stookey’s Club Moderne
895 Bush St.
Distance from Stanford Court: 4 blocks

As soon as you enter Stookey’s you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll feel like you’re in the 1930’s and 1940’s and we recommend a classic cocktail from that era. Our go-to’s would be an Aviation, an Old Fashioned, or a Sazerac. Cheers!

Stanford Court
905 California St.
Distance: Book now and you’re here

Well what did you expect? Of course this list of the Best of Nob Hill San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of self-love. And we truly do love being a part of the Nob Hill community. We hope that the next time you visit San Francisco you’ll visit some of our neighbors and show them some love. Until then.


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