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February 22nd, 2017

The Apps We’re Downloading in February 2017

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We won’t venture very far without our phones – or our tablets, or even laptops. Luckily, Team iOS and Team Android have been whipping out some new apps that are pretty cool. Here are the apps you’ll find on our phones in February 2017.
Ever wanted to walk through the door with your theme song blaring? Now you can make that clip with A 2017 Crunchie nominee for best app by a startup, is the social network for music videos. Think Instagram, meets Vine [RIP 🙁 ] meets Spotify and you have something along the lines of

Those of you still holding on to that Yahoo account will want to listen up. 1Password is a password keychain that takes your account security several steps further. Not only does it consolidate all your different passwords in one place, it also generates strong passwords to replace the weak ones, and keeps a “security watchtower” running for any suspect logins. And if you’re still not sold, its AES-256 encryption is one of the best around.

Thinking you need a personal assistant to help you manage your day-to-day? What about a robot? Gluru uses AI to stay on top of your to-dos and predict what you’ve already done and what needs to be done. If Gluru lives up to its claims, it sounds amazing – and hard to believe. However, those claims seem much closer to reality than ever before. Gluru won “Best Startup” at The Alconics. We’re eager to try it out.

Untappd is like a hipster’s dream, but IRL. This app is the social network of craft beer. Think Vivino, but for brews, with the gamification of Foursquare. It’s fun – and it’s helpful. After all, how many times have you ordered that $12 beer because the name sounded cool and then hated it? Untappd doesn’t leave that bad taste in your mouth. And it’s good for any and all of us who like to imbibe with a purpose.

Want to download any of these apps? Then take advantage of Stanford Court Hotel’s super fast WiFi.


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