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July 18th, 2017


Stanford Court News

In a previous post, as if you needed convincing, we gave you six reasons 2 go 2 Outside Lands 2017. A sample:

Great music

Yummy food

Hilarious comedians

Now, we’re here to help some more. First, we have a special offer to make your stay in SF and your excursion to Outside Lands 2017 even better. 

Second, a list.

More specifically, a packing list. You’ll love it. Keep reading. 


20% off your stay

Keep some money. Keep hydrated. Simple. Book your stay with us and you’ll get 20% off your room rate and a reusable water bottle — yours to bring to Outside Lands and yours 2 keep. 


Outside Lands 2017 Packing List 

Outside Lands has the big things — musicians, comedians, food trucks — covered. That leaves the small things 2 you. We’ve got your back. Here’s a handy packing list to make your Outside Lands experience a success.

Cash — In this digital, debit, chip-reader world it’s easy to forget the most basic engine of a music festival’s economy: Cold. Hard. Ca$h. Having at least a little on you will make the day easier.


Water — Your mom told us to remind you — stay hydrated. Have you heard of our water bottles? If you don’t bring water, you’ll definitely end up buying some there. So why not save a few bucks? Especially when you can refill them at Outside Lands water refilling stations… #ThanksMom 


Sunscreen — The sun is giant ball of exploding gas and fire that wants to cook you. Put on some sunscreen and disrupt its agenda. 


Rain Poncho — Easier to pack than an umbrella and, if you need to break it out, you’ll still have both of your hands free for #selfies. 


Jacket — SF in the summer! No jackets required right? Well, maybe. The weather can get a little iffy around here, so pack a jacket.  


Blanket — You can sit on it, snuggle in it, make a tent out of it, or even a cape. You figured all of this out as a child. We’re just here to remind you about blankets and how much joy one will bring to your experience. 


Phone Battery Charger — If you’re a social media junkie or want to text with friends throughout the day, this could be the best packing decision you make. WARNING: You may have to hide it from the unprepared, low-battery hordes. No outlets. People get desperate. Stay safe. 


Snacks — Clif bars, trail mix, an assorted plate of well-paired crackers and cheese. Perhaps some brie? You get the idea. The food at Outside Lands is great, so don’t worry about the main course. But packing some snacks is a good idea 4 when the munchies attack.


Wipes — Even if there’s not a child in sight for 10 miles, wipes can be a game changer. Clean up b4 you hit the food trucks, and, after you’re done eating, you don’t have to worry about sticky hands. 


#ProTip — Take Muni! Lyft and Uber rates will surge like crazy, and you’ll have cash handy, right?

Outside Lands 2017 is happening August 11-13 @ Golden Gate Park. For more info, check out the official website.


Headed to Outside Lands? Save 20% on your San Francisco hotel when you book our Outside Lands special here.


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