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June 6th, 2022

2022 Travel Essentials

Travel Tips

It’s almost summer and after two long years, travel is back! Here is a curated list of 10 of our favorite travel essentials to purchase ahead of your next trip. And if that trip happens to bring you to San Francisco, click here to see our current promotions and packages at Stanford Court.

Trtl Neck Pillow
From $39.99
It looks like a nice scarf but has extra support to keep your next in the right position while sleeping on the plane. It’s also machine washable and hypoallergenic.
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Trtl Neck Pillow

Nimalist Airtag Wallet
From $49.95
This premium leather wallet fully supports Apple Air Tag (purchased separately). The wallet features 3 external card slots and 1 large middle pocket and can store up to 12 cards. Attractive, slim, available in several colors, and trackable/findable via Apple Find My phone when used with Air Tag.
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AirTag Wallet

The Seatback Organizer
From $24.00
Raise your hand if you are grossed out by airline seatback pockets. Instead of rifling through a dirty airline seatback, bring your own. Say hello to peace of mind and say goodbye to germs!
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From $54.99
Do you fly often but wish you could connect your wireless earbuds or headphones to the airplane headphone jack? This adapter is the perfect solution and also works with treadmills.
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The Airhook
From $28.95
How did we live without this for so long? The Airhook attached to the seat in front of you and holds your cell phone or tablet AND serves as a stable drink holder.
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Wallet Ninja
From $10.95
This credit card sized multi-tool includes 18 tools in one including screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, can opener, cellphone stand, hex wrench, nail puller, and more!
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Women’s Reversible Packable Puffer
From $95.00
The weather in the Bay Area can change quickly and often but it’s not always convenient to bring along a puffy jacket. The Reversible Packable Puffer solves this problem an even folds into a travel pillow.
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Packable Puffer

riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder
From $15.99
You know how difficult it is to navigate the airport with your carry-on while trying to hold onto a drink and other items. This is the ingenious product is the perfect solution when you don’t have enough hands.
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Travel Cupholder

Go Travel Sound Machine
From $29.95
If you rely on white noise to get you to sleep while on the road, we recommend the Go Travel Sound Machine. It offers 11 sounds including fans, white noise, and nature sounds. It also features volume control, a stand which converts to a hanging hook, and us USB rechargeable.
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Go Sound Machine

Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack
From $90.00
Have you heard? Fanny packs are cool again! This water-resistant neoprene bag has an adjustable strap which allows you to wear it around your waist or as a sling. There are two main packets for everyday items and two sneaky pockets for cash, cards and other valuables.
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Ace Fanny Pack

Happy Travels + Happy Shopping!


P.S. Stanford Court does not earn a penny off of any of the products recommended in this buyer's guide. 


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