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April 13th, 2018

Best Dim Sum in San Francisco

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If you’re visiting San Francisco and you're unfamiliar with Dim Sum, the city’s Chinese eateries offer a great introduction to this tasty meal.

Traditional Dim Sum brunch includes endless cups of tea and small food portions served in steamer baskets. Think Chinese dumplings and steamed buns. In many Dim Sum restaurants, guests are seated and carts with different Dim Sum varieties are pushed along passed the tables. You can choose whichever steamed basket strikes your fancy; this is a meal best enjoyed in groups to sample a greater variety of food.

Here are the best spots for Dim Sum in San Francisco. 

Good Mong Kok Bakery

Located in Chinatown just a 10-minute walk from Stanford Court, Good Mong Kok Bakery is a no-frills, nondescript take-out place that serves Dim Sum and baked goods at low prices. There’s always a line out the door, but it moves quickly. We suggest you have cash in-hand and know what you want to order ahead of time -- they like to keep the line moving. Make sure to order the savory and sweet BBQ pork buns and seafood dumplings. We recommend you order take-out and enjoy your food at nearby park Woh Hei Yueng, a peaceful refuge just a block west on Jackson Street and up one block on Powell. 1039 Stockton St.

Dragon Beaux

Referred to as serving “the most Instagram-friendly dumplings” by SF Eater, Dragon Beaux has made a reputation for itself with its updated, modern-spin on Dim Sum. Dragon Beaux uses natural ingredients and borrows culinary influences from around the globe. Try their colorful dumplings, colored with turmeric, beets, squid ink, and spinach. This sleek restaurant also takes reservations -- they serve Dim Sum via carts from 11:30-2:30 pm, with a “hot pot” offering for dinner from 5:30-9:45 pm. Dragon Beaux is a foodie favorite, located in the Central Richmond District. 5700 Geary Blvd.

Best Dim Sum in San Francisco

City View Restaurant

City View Restaurant is an old-school Dim Sum joint that gives you the proper Cantonese brunch experience, located between the Financial District and Chinatown. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Stanford Court. Complete with carts filled with steamer baskets and lazy susans set on large, family-sized tables, it’s a popular spot that fills up quickly. Try to get there at 10 am on weekends before all the good stuff sells out (open 11 am weekdays). This is a good opportunity to try a variety of Dim Sum plates based on what’s available. Don’t be shy! 662 Commercial St.

Delicious Dim Sum

This is another favorite takeout place for Dim Sum located in Chinatown. There's only one table available, but this food is best enjoyed outside one of the many parks in Chinatown. We recommend their pan-fried chive and shrimp dumplings, which are thick but maintain a wonderful crunchiness. If you want to try something new, try the sticky rice with pork wrapped in lotus leaf. CASH ONLY! 752 Jackson St.


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