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September 27th, 2017

The Best #DateNight Walks in SF

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Date nights are about discovery. Maybe a little bit of adventure. You can learn a lot about someone when things are unstructured — is this person spontaneous and carefree? Do they need constant distraction or can they break away and wander with you into the depths of a great conversation?

San Francisco offers some great ways to find out. With its abundance of natural beauty and walkable neighborhoods, it’s a perfect place to wander the streets and trails, discover new sights and tastes, and get to know someone.

Enjoy the Embarcadero

At the Embarcadero, you’ll find one of the best walks in the city. There are shops and restaurants at The Ferry Building, the lovely Pier 14 that lets you stroll virtually into the middle of the Bay, and Pier 7, which allows for even more bay-side fun. If you get tired, there are pedicabs with room for two.

Stroll to Lands End

This is more of a #DateDay idea, but it’s great way to work up an appetite as a pre-dinner excursion. There’s a lot to see at Land’s End, and one of its best features is the Coastal Trail, which in total runs for over nine miles. But you don’t need to walk all that way to enjoy it. Stunning views, wild flowers, and winding trails await.

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge 

Whether it’s your first time or 50th, taking a walk on the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is always special. The views are breathtaking, and the distance is very doable — only 1.7 miles. You can even stop by Hendrik Point at the other end for a great view of the bridge with the San Francisco skyline in the background.

Wander Nob Hill & Chinatown

The Nob Hill neighborhood is home to us, so we’re a little partial ;) But we think you’ll love it too. Nob Hill is one of the city’s signature neighborhoods, full of character and upscale charm. A casual evening stroll past the towering Grace Cathedral and into beautiful Huntington Park might be one of your favorite memories of an evening out in San Francisco. Just a couple blocks more and you’ll find yourself in Chinatown, one of the most walkable and beloved neighborhoods in the city.


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