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January 24th, 2018

Try These Amazing Local Brews at SF Beer Week

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The craft beer craze in the US is at an all-time high, but in SF it has a particularly special roots of origin. Award-winning homebrewer K. Florian Klemp said that the original craft beer movement was revived in the states in 1965 when Fritz Maytag acquired the Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco.

It’s doubtful that Maytag could have imagined the craft beer craze of today, featuring brews infused with spicy chiles or chocolatey sweets. SF Beer Week is a time to sample the best craft beers in northern California, curated by the San Francisco Brewers Guild. At SCH, we’re offering a SF Beer Week package that includes overnight accommodations, a 4-pack of beer in room for pre-gaming, and $25 food and beverage credit. Check out the offer here.

Not sure which beer to sample from the 120+ selection? Here are 5 local brews you should check out during SF Beer Week.

Try These Amazing Local Brews at SF Beer Week

Photo credit: Suni Sidhu

Seven Stills Distillery

There’s no other brewery/distillery quite like Seven Stills. Seven Stills produces whiskey from craft beer, which they also produce. Seven Stills collaborates with breweries from around the Bay to create a very unique-tasting whiskey, distilled from craft beer. Stanford Court Hotel and Seven Stills recently teamed up to create a new whiskey bar in SCH! In honor of SF Beer Week, Seven Stills and SCH are hosting Whiskey Train, which will run from the 7S distillery, to the tap room to SCH. Hop aboard the Whiskey Train! More info here.

Gilman Brewing Company

This Berkeley-based brewery is simply divine. Their brews range from American style lagers to truly experimental - their Secret Brunch brew had real hints of bacon. Gilman Brewery is also very new to the scene, opening in January 2017. They seem to know what they’re doing - they took home gold for the best Classic Saison at the LA International Beer Competition in 2017 for their Maison de Campagne brew. Check out their FB page for more info.

The Rare Barrel

Locals are going crazy for this sour beer brewery. Their fancy sours are made with real fruit, and the brewery solely brews sour beer. If you’re a stranger to sours, they’re tart and fresh, made with a unique fermentation process that takes about a year. Sours are becoming more popular as of late, and The Rare Barrel has a leg-up on the game because they put all their focus into crafting the perfect sour. Check out the events they have planned for SF Beer Week.

 Southpaw BBQ and Brewery

Southpaw BBQ and Brewery just won an award for their Flanders Red Ale at the Good Food Awards in San Francisco. The “Northern-style BBQ” place has a special event planned for Valentine’s Day - they’ll be serving up the last 2 kegs of this aged ale accompanied with wings and baby back ribs. Additional info here.

Hop Dogma

Half Moon Bay-based Hop Dogma Brewing Company has a wide selection of craft beers, all of which are well-made. You can’t go wrong with Hop Dogma. If you’re good on heavy, IPA style beers, try their It’s Not The Water American Lager, which is light and refreshing. Their New England-style IPA, Lost in the Fog, will be featured at the SF Beer Week opening gala.

Header photo by Troy Ziel


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