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October 21st, 2022

Dokkaebier - Playful Brews, Unforgettable Taste

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San Francisco has a rich and diverse craft beer scene but very few Bay Area craft breweries can match the creativity of Dokkaebier. The local brewery was started at an inopportune time - February 2020 - at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But CEO and "Chief Dokkaebi" Youngwon Lee pressed on and today the company is putting out some really creative beer. 

The name, Dokkaebier, (pronounced DOH-kay-beer) is derived from the Korean word, dokkaebi. In Korean lore, the dokkaebi are legendary creatures who possess extraordinary powers used to interact with mortals - sometimes helping them and other times playing tricks on them. These mischievous creatures are said to love to eat, drink, and be social. 

In true dokkaebi fashion, Lee and his team are constantly challenging convention by infusing unique (and sometimes funky) ingredients into their core brews and their constantly evolving experimental beers. Their core beers include Hazy Session, Kimchi Sour, Milk Stout, Bamboo Pilsner, and IPA. But the team is constantly introducing new experimental batches (we LOVE the Calamansi and Tea Lager currently available) and if one of these finds an audience, it is added to the core brews lineup. 

How do you get your hands on some of this deliciousness? You can order online here for beer deliveries in California or you can find a retailer here. Or if you're in the Nob Hill neighborhood on November 8th from 4p-6p, stop by for a sample in the Stanford Court lobby. 



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