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October 11th, 2017

New Restaurants We Can't Wait to 'Gram in SF

Food & Drink

There’s more to eating than survival. As humans, we don’t need to dress up and make reservations at the newest spot in town. But experiencing a new place as the centerpiece of a fun night out is always exciting. We don’t absolutely need to eat with friends in order to survive. But every bite tastes better when in the company of those you love, right?


Plus, great food tastes, well … great! It even looks great. That’s why we take pictures of it. So, get dressed up, make some reservations, get ready to Instagram like crazy, and enjoy these delicious SF restaurants. Here’s to new experiences and great food!


Sharon Ardiana is a culinary entrepreneur — and sensation. Her two other restaurants, Gialina Pizzeria and Ragazza are also in San Francisco and have become local favorites. Her latest venture and namesake, Ardiana, opened a couple months ago, offers a marriage of Italian and Mediterranean fare, and is swimming in five-star reviews.   

Esan Classic

They’re so new their website isn’t built yet. But their yelp reviews certainly are. If you’re looking for authentic, delicious Thai food stop by Esan Classic. You’ll probably beat the crowds and, even if you don’t, you’ll enjoy great service and an awesome atmosphere.  

Eight Tables by George Chen

This high-end Chinese restaurant just opened on October 4th. And early reviews are all five stars. The chef, Chi-Feng Lin, recently won gold medals from both the Taiwan International Culinary Exhibition’s Hakka Cuisine Competition and at the Hong Kong Culinary Classic for Modern Chinese.

Hardwood Bar & Smokery 

BBQ isn’t new but stop by Hardwood Bar & Smokery and it’ll be like tasting it for the first time. Their meats take on a local flavor, smoked over Northern California white oak and local almond wood.



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