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July 21st, 2017

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Urban Bundle

Stanford Court News

Many hotels provide a standard array of perks to make your stay more enjoyable. 

But "standard" is another word for boring. 

And has boredom ever made anything more enjoyable?


So, here at SCH, we’re going beyond boring. That’s what the Urban Bundle is all about; interesting, entertaining, time-saving, and even perhaps a little, ahem … indulgent. 

Anything but boring. 

Here are five ways 2 make the most of the Urban Bundle, aka “the bundle of non-boring things.” 


1. Bring your tech

As much as you want. All of it. The Wi-Fi is waiting for you. But you’d better be ready -- we don’t call it Autobahn Wi-Fi for nothin'. It’s fast. Maybe too fast? Is that possible? Anyway, all we’re saying is that when you get home after your SF getaway, you may find yourself missing many things -- the gr8 Golden Gate Bridge, the eclectic architecture, the charming Cable Cars … and the Stanford Court Hotel Wi-Fi.


2. Use our tech

You could just pack light and use our stuff when you get here. It’s cool. We have plenty of iMacs and iPads to quench your thirst 4 connectivity. The Urban Bundle also gets you access 2 our loaner program. Borrow a MacBook, Chromebook, or iPad. We even have iPods you can borrow. Because no one should go without music 4 more than a few hours.


3. Chill

Staying with us while on vacation? You’re supposed to be relaxing anyway! And if you’re with us on business, hey, take a break. EIther way, we have a rule here and it is that you must, at least once in awhile, chill. We believe this so much that we built chill into the Urban Bundle. Chill and read with automatic access to tons of digital magazines from Foli. Chill with some morning tea or coffee. The coffee is legit -- local, organic, and free trade. The tea is soothing and comes from Mighty Leaf.


4. Explore

We know the “secrets” of the neighborhood, and you know us, so … you’re in. We can’t promise National Treasure/Nicholas Cage-level craziness, but we can help you find the little-known spots and best bike rides around town. Take our guided tour of Nob Hill and Chinatown using Vizzit, or explore the old-fashioned way. The Urban Bundle includes not one, but TWO maps. One for jogging or walking. And one for cycling. 

If only you brought your bike with you... 

Aw, too bad. 

Maybe next time?



5. Use our bikes

Is there a better way to see a city than by bicycle? The slower pace gives you time to notice architecture, interesting shops, and say hello to locals. Enjoy the fresh air as you cruise the SF streets on one of our specialty Marin bicycles.  

And if cycling isn’t your thing but you want to stay active, the Urban Bundle includes the use of yoga mats for free sessions at local yoga studios. Plus access to our 24-hour fitness center. We want you to stay with us, but we also want to help you keep moving. #HealthyLiving

You thought that was all? There are tons more amenities available through the Urban Bundle. Check the complete list here.


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