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June 10th, 2022

The Best Sushi in San Francisco

Food & Drink

At the Stanford Court we love being area guides for our guests. We want to connect our guests with authentic San Francisco experiences and we are often asked for San Francisco restaurant recommendations. One of the most common requests, "Where can I find the best sushi in San Francisco?" Here is our list of the top sushi restaurants in San Francisco, all within 3 miles of Stanford Court.

Maru Sushi
529 Powell St (2 1/2 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.1 $$
Maru Sushi is one of the closest Japanese restaurants to Stanford Court and is a great spot for fast and delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Toni
733 Bush St (2 1/2 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.3 $$
Sushi Toni is located just a few minutes from Stanford Court and is a great spot for authentic Japanese dishes and really tasty rolls.

Akiko's Restaurant and Sushi Bar
431 Bush St. (5 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.5 $$$
This family owned sushi spot is a go-to for the freshest fish (flown in daily from Tokyo) in a really inviting environment. Highly recommend!

Ryoko's Japanese Restaurant and Bar
619 Taylor St. (6 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.4 $$
Disclaimer: This is NOT a traditional Japanese restaurant. More bar/club as opposed to a restaurant, Ryoko's is one of the coolest spots in San Francisco where you can get some super creative rolls.

The Shota
115 Sansome St. (7 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.9 $$$$
This is one of the swankier sushi spots in San Francisco and is NOT inexpensive but if you want to geek out on creative Edomae-style omakase, this is the spot.

584 Washington St. (8 blocks from Stanford Court)
4.8 $$$$
If you're going to splurge on omakase (chef's choice), Kusakabe should be high on the list.

Oma SF Station
1737 Post St. #337 (1.5 miles from Stanford Court in Japantown)
4.7 $$$
Located in the Japan Center Malls, Oma offers omakase, sushi, sashimi, small plates in a great izakaya environment.

665 Townsend St. (2 miles from Stanford Court)
4.7 $$$$
With just 14 seats, this Michelin-starred omakase restaurant is one of the top sushi spots in San Francisco.

1335 Fulton St. (2.5 miles from Stanford Court)
4.8 $$$$
Ju-Ni is the farthest from Stanford Court, but close to our heart. The name means 12 in Japanese - the number of seats in the intimate space and the number of courses served. So good!


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