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March 22nd, 2017

The 5 Best Food Trucks in SF, according 2 SCH

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Food trucks might not be a San Francisco native, but no one would deny that we’ve made them our own. Whether it’s one of the many food truck parks around town or the legendary status of a special few, food trucks have won a permanent spot on our San Franciscan hearts. Here are some of our favorites:


Del Popolo

This is the food truck to beat all food trucks. A Freightliner in a previous lifetime, this truck was re-born as Neapolitan pizza factory on wheels. With a wood-burning oven inside, this epic food truck turns out some seriously delicious pizza - and not just because of the wow factor. The secret is in the crust.


Señor Sisig

Fusion can be hit or miss. Señor Sisig is a clear hit - and a Bay Area favorite since its opening in 2010. Mixing Filipino sisig, a spicy, marinated pork, with staples of Mexican cuisine like tacos, burritos and nachos, Señor Sisig is juicy, delicious, and the perfect food to eat standing up. If pork isn’t your thing, try the chicken or the tofu sisig.


The Chairman

Known all over town for their bao, The Chairman makes their buns fresh daily and fills them with some of the best combinations in the city. Go for the pork belly bao to start, and then try one of the others, like spicy chicken or the Coca-Cola braised pork. There really isn’t a bad bao at The Chairman.


Bowl'd Acai

Here’s a food truck that makes you feel good about eating. From the gorgeous presentation of Bowl’d Acai’s fruit bowls to their fresh squeezed juices, this food truck serves up only the freshest of ingredients in the natural-est of settings. #LocalTip: the Bowl’d Acai truck in Mint Plaza makes for an especially pleasant breakfast.


Southern Comfort Kitchen

Because you can’t be healthy all the time, there’s Southern Comfort Kitchen. Specializing in New Orleans soul food, Southern Comfort Kitchen feeds all your cheat day cravings. Try the crawfish etoufee and the fried catfish, but make sure to save room for the crab fries. Tossed with garlic and cilantro, drizzled with Old Bay aioli and topped with fresh crab, these are all the rage.



photo by Karlis Dambrans


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