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July 24th, 2017

Treat Yourself to Christmas in July

Art & Culture

Early Christmas anyone?  If you’re slogging through summer stuck in a cubicle or stuck in hours of traffic every day, we have just the thing you need. 

Escape to San Francisco. 

Come for a week or weekend. We promise you’ll leave merry.

It doesn’t snow much here, but with all the joy to be found in a San Francisco summer, you can consider this city the West Pole of the United States. 

Sure, you won’t find a big red sleigh here, but you will find a big orange bridge you may have heard about. 

There aren’t any elves bustling about (that we know of), but we do have magical red and green cable cars to ferry you around town.  

As for gifts? Here are some of the summertime gifts San Francisco has 2 offer. 


The Air

First, it’s free. Second, and #srsly, the SF summer climate can be a game changer 4 your spirit. The climate here is sublime and even quite … mystical. Fog rolls in from the bay, sometimes in thick blankets that lay upon the hills, and sometimes in tendrils that weave between the buildings on the city’s skyline. San Francisco fog has almost become an attraction in and of itself. 

And SF is a great place to beat the heat; average temperatures in July and August typically hang out in the mid-60s and low 70s, making outdoor excursions in and around SF a great way 2 take a midsummer mental break. 


The Bay

It’s ironic, but we’ll say it anyway — for one of the most interesting escapes in SF you need to go to prison. Alcatraz Island awaits, and it will definitely awaken you out of a midsummer stupor. 

Treasure Island is a good spot for brunch and beaches. 

Accessible by private boat or public ferry, Angel Island is great 4 hikes and biking, and the views are spectacular. 


The SCH Deals 

And we at Stanford Court are here to make your own personal Christmas in July celebration all the more tempting. If you book early, you can save 15%.

Our Summer of Love offer includes VIP tickets to the de Young Museum's special exhibit, Flash tattoos, bubble wand, retro sunglasses, and a tote bag. 

And don’t forget Outside Lands 2017, which is happening August 11th - 13th. Get 20% off your stay at Stanford Court plus a free water bottle that you can refill at the festival.  



Take a break from the summer slog and join us 4 some summer fun in San Francisco. We have offers that will make your plans even merrier.


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