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February 6th, 2017

The 10th Annual Crunchies – Our Picks

Stanford Court News

The Crunchies @ the War Memorial Opera House
February 6, 2017

Award shows bring lots of hype, but it’s the Crunchies that highlight the real game-changers in today’s digital world. TechCrunch’s annual celebration of the best in tech turns 10 this year, with some pretty impressive innovators vying for their very own Crunchie. While we’re in favor of anything that can be downloaded to our phones, there are some nominees that stand out. Here are our some of the coolest innovations up for a Crunchie:

SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing

Every day we the people get closer to riding in a spaceship. And for that we have Elon Musk to thank. This time it’s Musk’s SpaceX that is up for a Crunchie after its 2016 landing the Falcon 9 on a drone. The more successful landings, the closer SpaceX will get to reusing rockets for space travel – and maybe taking us along with them.


Easily the most jaw-dropping innovation at the Crunchies – and of the century — is CRISPR, which could end up saving the world. Discovered by scientists at both Berkeley and MIT, CRISPR has the ability to alter one’s genetic code by finding where mutations, such as viruses and cancer, lie and erasing them from the DNA sequence. If it sounds complicated, it is. And there’s still loads more research to be done. Nevertheless, the discovery has been made.

Snapchat Spectacles

Ever feel like you completely killed the moment the minute you tried to snapchat a story? We’ve all been there. And apparently so have the makers of Snapchat, which is why they rolled out the Snapchat Spectacles, so you can record everything you see from behind your sunglasses. We can’t decide whether it’s cool or creepy, but for the sake of the Crunchies we’ll say cool.


That said, the Crunchies will not be televised. They will be streamed. However, if you’re at Stanford Court on February 6, you could also just go see them live. This is an award show they actually let you attend. And Chelsea Peretti is hosting, so it’s sure to be entertaining.

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