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March 6th, 2022

#LocalTips for Optimizing Your Ferry Building Experience

Stanford Court News

So here at SCH we’re huge fans of the Ferry Building Farmers Market - the gorgeous produce, the delicious food, and the local producers. It’s everything our SF foodie hearts want. That said, there’s a way to go to the Ferry Building Farmers Market that makes it even more uh-maz-ing (aside from the fact that SCH is within walking distance) Consider this your insider guide to the Ferry Building, str8 from the mouths of us SF locals:


#LocalTip 1 - Go Early. 

Just like anything and everything good in San Francisco, the Ferry Building gets packed. We’re talking inside, outside, and the parking. So if you want to enjoy your farmers market experience in peace, wake up and get moving. And if you can avoid it, don’t drive. That is unless you plan on stocking up on local produce for dayz. In that case, we’ll let it slide.


#LocalTip 2 - Bring Your Own Bags + Bring Cash

Don’t expect to be getting any bags from the Ferry Market - or if you do, expect to pay. #ICYMI plastic bags are banned in San Francisco. That’s why it’s just better if you bring your own bags with you from the start. While you’re at it, bring a nice stack of cash too. This is SF, but that doesn’t guarantee that every stand in the farmers market takes cards.


#LocalTip 3 - Watch the Boats on the Bay

Not only is the Ferry Building located along the Embarcadero, it’s also surrounded by a bunch of green space. Once the crowds start to swarm, it’s the perfect time to pull out a blanket and find your own spot on the grass around the Ferry Building. Here you get gorgeous views of the bay and the boats passing through. This is #thespot.


#LocalTip 4 - Skip Across to Sausalito

Being at the Ferry Building gives you the perfect excuse to hop the ferry to Sausalito. That’s where the ferry departs! (get it? “Ferry Building”) So, what excuse do you have 2 not go? Go crazy. Live a little. And spend the rest of your day at that lovely little stretch of land in Marin County.


We’re neighbors! The Ferry Building Farmers Market is just a downhill stroll from Stanford Court Hotel


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