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March 1st, 2018

How We Embrace Technology


At Stanford Court, we love technology because it makes life easier, communication faster, and checking in a breeze! We pride ourselves on creating an experience that guests will remember. And one of the ways we do that is by embracing and integrating technology into our Nob Hill hotel services.

Here are some of our favorite tech amenities that we offer:

Espresso Machine in our Lobby

Since we had our #reboot of our lobby, our breakfast experience has been made even better than ever. In addition to hot stations, fresh squeezed orange juice, local and organic ingredients, we have an espresso machine that makes drinks faster than you can place an order at the coffee shop. We love that with a few simple buttons you can have a hot latte, mocha, espresso-- you name it. No more worrying about the barista getting your order right or forgetting that extra shot.

Outlets galore

Of course, there are plenty of outlets in our guest rooms for your phone charger, laptop charger, and whatever else you need to charge. But we know when you’re staying with us you want to experience our hotel and city, and maybe not spend a lot of time in your room. So we made our lobby super comfortable for hanging, but also for working. It’s such a pain when you’re laptop charger won’t reach the outlet from your table, right?? So we’ve added tons of outlets and even have some hidden ones in the tables in our record room and map room. It makes staying at 100% so easy.

Blix Bikes for the win

We recently added Blix Bikes to our amenities and we couldn’t be happier.The first bike invented was in 1817. And while we think bikes are a classic, we love Blix Bikes’ infusion of technology. Our on-property Blix Bikes are powered by the Spin Tech™ system, a fully automated, electric pedal assist system with four levels of power that takes you up to 20 mph. For more exercise, you can select a lower level or turn it off completely. Either way, the hand throttle control is always available to power your ride up to 20 mph as well.

Want to come see what all the fun is about at our Nob Hill hotel? Use technology to book the best rate on our site,


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