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August 17th, 2017

Apps We’re Downloading Now — Summer 2017


Hey there! Some say summer is almost over. We say the fun has just begun! And to prove it we’re here to recommend some of the coolest apps to help you squeeze every last ounce of excitement out of #Summer2017.



Hey, it’s summer. One minute you have tons of time to read, the next you’re at a party, floating in the pool, or dancing on the beach. Pocket helps with that. With Pocket you can save articles you want to read for later and the app syncs across all your devices. So when you’re done dancing through the sand you can sit down and get #intellectual. 



Hey, it’s summer. That means you want to be outside all the time. So do we. So get the 1Weather app. 

Why, you ask? 

Widgets. That’s why. 1Weather gives you a ton of options for seeing the latest weather forecast on your homescreen. So no matter how crowded or gloriously #minimalist you keep your phone’s display, 1Weather will keep you in the sunshine. 



Pop quiz, hot shot! What’s the theme of this blog post? Right! Summer! And Summer means traffic. You hate it. You try to avoid it. Yet, paradoxically, you also cause it. #SorryBro. Maze is here to help. Instead of crazy government helicopters and big-brother cameras, Maze uses normal people. That’s right. Maze uses traffic to report on traffic. Soooo meta. And that meta data means that you’re in the know about all the traffic traps, car quagmires, and date-night destroying highway nightmares. 



Ok, this one has nothing to do with summer. Just kidding. What is summer but a time for music, expression, and creativity? With Nanoloop, even a melodic novice can create cool beats and entrancing hooks. It’s known for its very simple and intuitive design, which is fancy marketing-speak that means it’s easy to use and you now have zero excuses to not make music. Get to it!


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